Day 10, October 20, 2003: Hampton Beach, NH to Glen Cove, ME

A change for the better! A bright clear sunny morning. Of course clear skies allow the air temperature to go into a freefall. The result was a Miata well covered by a layer of frost. Despite that the blue skies seem to motivate me to get going.

Heading up the coast the first stop was Fort Constitution. Nothing grabbed my interest there and I haven't included even one picture of it. The next stop was a lot better. Surely the "Nubble" Lighthouse (actually the Cape Neddick Lighthouse but nobody seems to use the real name) in York, ME is one of the prettiest I've seen so I climbed around the rocks across the water and snapped a lot of pictures. An admission: I prettied up the picture shown below by editing out an annoying power pole and lines but even with them it was a beautiful scene.

Further up the road a couple of hours later I happened to notice the big building belonging to DeLorme, makers of maps and mapping software. I used their Street Atlas 2004 software to do a lot of the planning for this trip. I used a different mapping program from DeLorme on my first trip and did so along with a GPS receiver to track my progress in real time. This time I decided that it was probably not worth the hassle of keeping a notebook computer running in the passenger seat and trying to watch it while driving. One great feature at the DeLorme offices is Eartha which is the largest rotating world globe. An amazing bit of work.

A couple of hours later I stumbled across a name that is known to woodworkers around the world: Lie-Nielsen Toolworks. Under some other conditions it might have been dangerous for me to even consider stopping here but my credit card balance was already heartstopping and even a small tool might not have found a place in the trunk. But if you are a woodworker reading this account and you don't already know about this company it would be worth your while to look at their offerings. Even if you, like I, can only afford to look it is an education in the art of tools.

I continued up the road looking for a motel and when I drove past this one I just knew that it was the one as might anyone with Irish roots (or pretentions). The Claddagh Motel in Glen Cove, Maine is run by Alex from Galway and Siobhán from Dublin and is absolutely over the top in a couple of ways. First is the Irish motif in the office which probably makes St. Patrick's Day in your local pseudo-Irish pub look subdued. The other is the decoration in the rooms. Have you ever seen a fully flowered motel room with piles of lace pillows on the bed? Neither had I but that is what I found there. A good motel and a good value run by good people.

Maybe today's successes mean that things are looking up...


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