Day 12, October 22, 2003: Ellsworth, ME to Tilton, NH

The "mission" is complete and the former intention to stay on the edge of the USA is a thing of the past. There are a few places that I want to visit and I will try to make my way to all of them but the route will be chosen via computer for the quickest drive. If for no other reason than the weather which is forecast to get worse and to do so quickly. To quote the entry in my notes for today "THEY FORECAST SNOW FOR TONIGHT. WHAT HAVE I GOTTEN INTO HERE?"

First things first. My intention is to visit some of the Shaker communities in New England because I have an interest in their crafts, furniture, and designs. Since there is still one active Shaker community at Sabbathday Lake, Maine and since I am here in Maine the decision to drive there was obvious. But since I was intent on travelling at speed from now on I quickly headed for highway I-395 in Bangor and aimed toward my destination. Sadly, the calendar was not on my side in this and the community was effectively shut down to outsiders at this time of the year. Oh well, I did look around and snapped a few pictures without committing actual trespass.

Next stop was a short one at Poland Springs, the place where the bottled water originates. They have a visitor center but don't offer any views of the modern bottling facility which might have been of interest to me. Oh well, I got to use their restroom which was a priority at the time.

The next scheduled stop was at Canterbury Shaker Village and I got close close to it before 4:00 but there seemed to be no motels or other facilities near the turnoff. Just to make sure I got a room for the night in case the weather turned foul I continued down the highway to Tilton, NH. Backtracking to Canterbury would be simple from there. The updated forecast for tonight definitely calls for snow and thoughts of what happened to me in the Yukon Territory in 1997 were hard to avoid.


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