Day 13, October 23, 1997: Pacific Beach to Long Beach, WA

Well, I managed to convince the manager at the motel from last night to let me hook up to the office phone line to send out my stuff. From now on, I'll be a bit more selective about my motel choices when a choice presents itself. Last night would have been an exception under any circumstances.

Today was very short in mileage but not in touristing. Poked into lots of stuff however not much of it resulted in pictures. Today you will see a conglomeration of oddish stuff seen along the way presented without comment. The other is Rialto Beach, WA from yesterday.

Right now I'm in Long Beach , WA which seems to be the kite capitol of the country. They have several kite manufacturers here and several more stores. I looked around but decided that spending hundreds of $$$ on a kite would probably not be a smart move especially considering how the car is already packed. I tried flying my little frameless kite earlier today at a beach north of here but the wind was so incredibly strong that the little beast almost took my fingers off with the strings. Back into the sack and into the trunk it goes...

I did find a real bargain vacation spot for any of you who are eligible. At Pacific Beach, there is a facility belonging to the Navy which they call a "Conference Center" but which is actually a R&R center. Prices are great: you can get an entire house on the beach for $75 a day during the peak season and half of that during the off season. If you have ever looked at the prices for just a room on the beach you will appreciate the difference!

I thought I'd have a great picture for you but it didn't come out very well. In the museum / gift shop next door to this motel is the one, the only, the original alligator man, much renowned in the tabloids. Barnum would have like this one...

I am staying tonight immediately north of the Oregon border and will surely get there tomorrow as we press on with our 12,000-mile tour of the edge of the USA. Maybe I'll find something more photogenic tomorrow.


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