Day 15, October 25, 1997: Yachats, OR to Eureka, CA

Today was a travel, not a look-n-stop day. Fortunately the major attraction along the way was the redwoods and I know from experience that photographing them is a lost cause since there is no good way to convey the scale of the subjects.

I got into Eureka early enough to get into the motel, eat, and then take a walk around what they call the "old town" area. I took a few pictures for my collection of architectural excess. Today it was the old Carson mansion, now a private club. The details of this late 1800s house defy description so I'll be sure to include it some day when there is nothing else to show. Let is suffice to say that it can be described as grotesque victorian on a bad LSD trip.

The single picture for today is taken at Natural Bridges Cove in Oregon. I almost regret not hiking down for a closer look but from the looks of the "trail" it was down a near-vertical cliff with no sort of protection provided. Then again that might have been some trail left behind by mountain goats.

By tomorrow I'll be in the San Francisco area but because of bad timing it will probably be impossible to get to see my intended "visit-ee" there because of her work schedule. Guess we'll work something out somehow, though. I do want to get down to Silicon Valley for some shopping and that will take up a day in any case.

Thus goes our 12,000-mile tour of the edge of the USA.


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