Day 18, October 28, 1997: Sunnyvale to Pacifica, CA

Pretty much a non-day today. Didn't travel very far, didn't see very much, didn't do very much.

Before leaving Silicon Valley I got a bit of shopping done. There is a cluster of high-tech stores in Sunnyvale right off of the Lawrence Expressway that offers almost anything you might want in the way of electronic equipment or components - almost like Tokyo's Akihabara district but under fewer roofs and with more glitz. The key to the whole experience is Fry's which is an electronics / entertainment / computer supermarket and is frequented by all the tech-heads in the valley. Immediately across the street is a newcomer, the T-Zone which is Japanese-owned and offers great computer shopping. Also in the area are several smaller specialty stores offering surplus and specialty items. I actually only bought a couple of items (a security cable and a 32meg of memory for my laptop) but the browsing experience was pleasant. The fact that the memory was available off-the-shelf instead of by mail-order was a pleasant change since laptop memory is far from being a commodity item and is often difficult to obtain.

I had a dining revelation at lunch time before leaving the valley and discovered that a burrito can be a gourmet delight - haute as well as hot cuisine. I saw this little Mexican restaurant called Bueno Bueno! that seemed to be doing a booming business with the locals. They sell burritos almost exclusively and I sampled one (they are huge) of their standards. It was absolutely superb, being made with the freshest ingredients and spiced perfectly. I regret now that I won't be able to get back there for another bite.

The drive to Pacifica was uneventful except for the inescapable road work. I eventually got to see Lehua for a half hour after prying her away from her work. She is currently stuck working on "The Project from Hell" for her bank and, although she telecommutes, she seldom even finds time to sleep because of it. We did arrange to have dinner in San Francisco on Wednesday evening but that will be the extent of our visiting it seems. Oh well, maybe some other time...

The picture for today is a piece of rolling advertising that was sitting outside of Fry's in Sunnyvale - the Compaq Ferrari.

Wednesday will be a non-travel day also but I hope to do a bit of looking around in San Francisco. One thing for sure, I'll have to look for a different motel room as this one in Pacifica is just too noisy because it is close to the freeway.

Thus goes our 12,000-mile tour of the edge of the USA.


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