Day 26, November 5, 1997: Douglas, AZ to El Paso, TX

Yesterday I said "Today had the potential to be a major disappointment. The terrain through which I was driving was boring squared. There were, for the most part, no towns. ..." Well, if the yesterday had the potential, then today fulfilled its potential and was a general downer. And if the terrain was boring squared then today managed to achieve cubed. The high points today consisted of an oil change and an office supply purhcase.

The drive out of Douglas was through the most uninteresting terrain I have seen to date - mainly open grassland with a bit of scrub here and there. Add a cow every few square miles and you have it. The wildlife consisted of a few hawks and one roadrunner.

The distance from Douglas to El Paso proved to be about 200 miles. Since the car was in need of an oil change and I needed some ink cartridges for my printer. I decided to stay here for the night so I could take care of these chores. The oil change was easily achieved. Finding and purchasing the cartridges entailed driving around for hours in traffic and very nearly defeated me.

Tomorrow will doubtlessly be better than today. I have decided that, since I am in the area (well, if you have a liberal interpretation of "in the area" anyway) that I will go to Carlsbad Caverns up in New Mexico. It is a three hour drive away. For this reason I have booked this same room for tomorrow night also. I talked to Grace Buckbee on the phone and arranged my visit to them in San Angelo, now booked for Friday.

There was not one good picture today to include so I will dig back into the archives and show you the picture from Eureka, CA of what I thought was about the ugliest Victorian-style mansion I can imagine. You can make up your own mind about it.

And the 12,000 mile trip rolls on and starts to look like it will be a 13,000 mile trip as I add branches and backtracks to my route.


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