Day 2, October 12, 2003: Charleston, SC to Wilmington, NC

Got a decently early start today at 8:20 but it didn't seem to help a lot. This section of coast doesn't have a lot of excitement about it. Not that I was actually that close to the coast for most of the day. Best I managed was to sneak into a park to snap a couple of pictures. I say sneak because they were not open and at this time of the year I wasn't sure that they would. Anyway I wasn't about to pay an outrageous admission charge for five minutes of being sand blasted while trying to snap a picture so I sorta' slipped under the barricade. I didn't even notice what the name of the park was but reconstruction suggests that it was Folly Beach. I'll post a picture of it and if you know you can tell me. Unless, of course, you are some sort of South Carolina cop and then I'll declare the foregoing a work of fiction...

I stopped at the Sewee River Visitor Center and took a longish walk since the weather was, if not sunny, at least mild and non-liquid. The visitor center has a display habitat for the endangered red wolves but that seemed rather sad -- a sign posted near the animals' cramped enclosure assured that they were fed on "high quality dog food". Surely they could have done better than that for what used to be the major predator of the region. The remaining major predator seems to be the mosquitos which, despite the late date, were quite hungry and followed me for most of the walk.

Probably the most interesting animal I saw on the walk was a green anole lizard which despite seeming to have a bad eye was still brave enough to walk out in front of me and pose for a picture. Most lizards aren't that courageous (or foolish), being nice sized snacks for most of their larger neighbors.

And that pretty well describes the day. I wound up in Myrtle Beach, a tourist spot which looks especially grim during the off season. I've been there during the peak when it seems to look like a continuous celebration of college spring break.


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