Day 33, November 12, 1997: Aransas Pass, TX to Lake Charles, LA

Today was another damp and boring one for the most part, but I covered more mileage today than on any other one so far. I guess I can thank (or blame) the Texas Department of Transportation for that. The route I was following along the coast suddenly stopped at a barricade. The supposed detour route seemed to be well over 100 miles. That didn't matter since it wasn't marked in such a way that I could locate it so I wound up where I am. Tomorrow morning I'll try to find my way back to the edge again.

While driving along the coast I spotted what must be one of the more unusual military bases in the country at Matagorda. There they have an Air Force "Tethered Aerostat Radar Site". There is certainly no way to keep this thing secret as the centerpiece is a huge white blimp. I have seen these before but only up in the air and that doesn't give any sort of clue as to the size. For those who aren't familiar with this program, the "aerostats" (blimps) carry a large radar set in a dome and are tethered at a fixed altitude where they are supposed to spot aircraft heading toward the border (drug shipments). Looks like a real plum AF assignment.

The picture for today is a house called "The Bishop's Palace" in the historic section of Galveston. This beautiful house is on the Top 100 list of the American Institute of Architects list of the 100 outstanding buildings in the United States. Quite a nice little shack but the neighborhood around it is no longer in the best in town.

We head back to the edge tomorrow, assuming that the local Department of Transportation doesn't object, and the 13,000 mile solo journey around the edges of the USA continues.


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