Day 35, November 14, 1997: Galliano, LA to Longbeach, MS

An uneventful and short day today. I wasn't feeling all that wonderful (stomach for what it matters) and just wanted to make some distance and then stop. I decided that simply getting out of Louisiana after visiting my last "end of the road" stop would be accomplishment enough today.

The first stop for today was Grand Isle, Louisiana. This proved to be rather a non-event after all of the other towns down there and I was sorry to have wasted all of that mileage getting there and back. It had the inevitable fishing and oil businesses, houses on stilts, water, etc, etc just like those that went before it. I noticed only one thing that differentiated if and that was a couple of gated yuppie enclaves at the very tip of the peninsula which looked like they must have cost megabucks.

After this stop, the main issue was to make distance without getting caught up in traffic. This proved to be difficult because of road maintenance and New Orleans. I survived both more-or-less intact and the appearance of the Mississippi state line was my reward. Things are far different on the Mississippi coast than in Louisiana. For one thing, this portion is all white sandy beach and their isn't a swamp to be seen. There are even casinos enough to make Gulfport look like it wants to be a new Las Vegas (well, a new Atlantic City anyway). I have avoided any gambling so far and will avoid these also. I never win and I don't have any money to donate to a casino.

Well, that is it. A real nothing day. The picture of the day isn't much either - a shot taken on the beach across the street from the motel.

Let's hope that something at least marginally interesting turns up tomorrow as the13,000 mile solo journey around the edges of the USA continues.


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