Day 8, October 18, 1997: Quesnel, BC to Omak, Washington, USA

If yesterday was the day I drove into Autumn, then today is the day I drove into a couple of more seasons. Weather and conditions ranged into winter as I crossed a range of mountains and into a virtual late summer as I headed through the valley surrounding Okanagan Lake .

Early this morning I started out in a fog - literally and figuratively. For some reason my mind wasn't functioning well at all. The early part of the day was spent in largely agricultural and logging areas. Later on I descended into a surprisingly desert-ish area - sagebrush and all. Then it was up into a mountain range complete with snow and pine forests. Then it was down into the area of Okanagan.

The valley that surrounds this long lake is home to many orchards and vineyard as well as vegetable farms. It seems that at least every mile along the highway there is a roadside fruit stand of some sort. Sometimes they are cheek-to-jowl for long stretches. Wineries abound in this area but unfortunately all of the tours seemed to be closed for the season. Or maybe I should say fortunately since I was quite late in ending up today's drive. Seems that my estimating talents aren't improving.

I'll cut short tonight as I am tired and you are all probably tired of reading. One picture today: a view of the Fraser River valley in the fog this morning.

Tomorrow I will probably be staying in this area to do some visiting with a friend, Karen Sanders, who used to work with me at the Alaska Court System. She had the sense to take an early retirement a couple of years ago and moved to this area with her husband, Denny, where they own an old farm out in the boonies just north of here. Just finding their house might be a challenge.

On Monday or Tuesday we will continue the next leg of our 12,000 mile solo tour driving on the edge of the US.


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