This page shows a sample of the furniture I've been building since moving to Tennessee. Being a person with simple tastes, all of the pieces I have designed and built have been inspired, even if only a little, by Shaker furniture. These designs are not "paper" products because I find the drawing process clumsy (my mechanical drawing teacher in school might have predicted this) and are, instead, "mental" products—going directly from the imagination to the wood.

Most pieces are solid hardwoods and of the species indicated although in a few utilitarian pieces I've transgressed and used plywood. Some secondary wood has been used for internal frameworks, drawer parts, etc. One thing you won't find in my traditional furniture is manmade material. No plywood, no particle board, no MDF. Drawer bottoms are usually of poplar or red cedar. Cabinet backs are made of solid hardwood in a frame-and-panel structure, shiplap, or tongue-and-groove fashion. I have no objection to plywood in its place, kitchen cabinets for example, but traditional furniture deserves to built of traditional materials.

The quality of the photgraphs here is pretty poor. I will attempt to re-do all of them to achieve better lighting and detail. Of course I have been promising to do that since this page was first published and somehow I haven't gotten around to it yet.

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