Lehua in Plockton

First some explanations. Lehua is a friend of mine who lives in the San Francisco area. If you have read my travelogue in "Driving on the Edge", she is the one I stopped to visit there. Plockton is a village on the Atlantic coast of the Scottish Highlands in a remote and beautiful area. It was the primary site where BBC shot the quirky series Hamish Macbeth which is based on the charming detective stories of M.C. Beaton. Now on to the story....

A while back, Lehua planned a trip to Plockton after watching the Hamish Macbeth programs on BBC America. She, like many others was enchanted by the beauty of the series and the sometimes-odd insights it gave into Highland life.

Now the story becomes rather sad and a bit stupid. Sad because she invited me to go with her and stupid because that was what I was when I declined to go because of the expense. I didn't realize exactly how sad and stupid my decision was until I, too, watched the Hamish Macbeth programs seriously and read almost all of the books that lead up to making the program a cult phenomenon. Perhaps some day she will invite me to go to Plockton again and I promise that lack of money won't stop me next time.

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