East Tennessee Sawmills

First some explanations. When I moved to Tennessee from Alaska, one of the first priorities was to learn the "lay of the land" and to find all the best woodworking suppliers. I knew from experience that going direct to the sawmill was the best way to buy wood if you knew what to look for. Then I realized that many others either hadn't learned this yet or had been unsuccessful in locating sources. To assist those looking for sawmills and other sources of woodworking supplies in the general Knoxville area, I have created an ongoing list which includes contact information and maps to assist local woodhunters.

As a validation of my ideas about the general hunger of woodworkers for affordable wood I undertook a field test. On February 5, 2000 I lead an eight-vehicle caravan of woodworkers recruited at the Badger Pond Woodworking Forum on a trip to three local sawmills selected to be as different as possible. Watching everyone snapping up wood and loading their vehicles with smiles on their faces was enough to convince me I was on the right track. By the way, the attendees included woodworkers from as far away as Nashville, Georgia, and South Carolina so the wood hunger is not an isolated local fact.

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