Turning Tool Cabinet

My collection of turning tools is fairly extensive and they take up a lot of space. Worse yet, if they are just stuck into drawers and cabinets it is nearly impossible to find the one I want. Since the headstock of the lathe was in the corner anyway I figured that a corner cabinet would work to hold everything. While I was at it I arranged for it to open, clamshell style, to spread the tools out more. When brainstorming the design I made the cabinet overly large on the assumption that my tool collection would grow. As it turned out when it was done it was already too small to hold the existing tools let alone allow for growth. I have added a few more storage nooks and hangers since the picture was taken but my large Stewart System hollowing tools are still without a home and are stuck in another cabinet.

Construction is of ¾-inch birch plywood (breaking my red oak pattern). To allow for the considerable weight of the tools in the swinging portion it is hung on three exterior door hinges. Overall closed size in inches: 29 X 27 X 12.

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