Router Table

This is my quick-and-dirty router table. I call it that because I took the easy way out and purchased the top and fence from Rockler's catalog rather than building my own. Actually I came to this decision rather late in the process. If you look to the right in the pictures you will see the would-be router table top which now serves as the top of a roll-around stand for my compound miter saw. The saw cabinet is virtually identical to the router table except for having two roll-out shelves.

Like most items in the shop that are small enough to move, this is on wheels to maximize the available shop space. All construction is of ¾-inch red oak plywood with numerous biscuits at the joints. The internal structure includes a fixed shelf and dividers which form an air plenum for dust collection that is connected by 4-inch hose to the dust collection system.. The bottom of the cabinet has a roll-out shelf to make access to stored items easier. As it stands now, the dust collection is not as effective as it might be. The fence has a collection point which is ducted to the plenum but the plenum itself tends to collect chips and dust at the front corners because of insufficient air flow. I'll be modifying it to allow a good volume of air from front to rear. This might involve adding openings to the door or ducting air through the upper storage compartments and then into the plenum. Other than this minor annoyance it works quite well.

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