The Driving on the Edge Tour Again

Sometimes we fail to complete what we start. As sure as this is a universal truth it is probably more true of me than most. I failed to complete my perimeter drive around the USA in 1997 but now, in 2003 I'm going to try to finish it. Same car but now with almost 100,000 miles on it. Same me with a lot more wear and tear and a bit less hair. New camera. New computer.

I can already feel the differences between then and now beyond those associated with the passage of time. The first time I was the very definition of "free and easy": no house, no obligations, a good bank balance, and no real reason to plan anything or hurry anywhere. Now I'm saddled with a house and the obligations and worries that it brings. For that reason I'll be a bit less loose about the completion of the trip. But, the car and weather gods willing, I should finish up my trip at the tip of Maine in a reasonable time.

I'll be trying to keep a day-by-day log of the trip at the website rather than e-mailing as I did before. With luck there will be no problem adding at least a bit of the story every day. I drove from Knoxville, Tennessee to Savannah, Georgia on October 10th intending to restart the trip on the six-year anniversary of my original start from Alaska. As I write this introduction I'm sitting in a motel in Charleston, South Carolina having driven in from Savannah, Georgia today. That means that I'm already a day behind in my writing before I even start.

Guess I should start with a major confession. I failed to do anything like posting a page-a-day as I travelled. Hell, I produced not one complete page along the way, and posted nothing. Just managing to jot a few notes to myself and moving the pictures from the camera to the computer was difficult enough. Perhaps the six years between the first and second trips aged me more than I thought. It appears that it may take a couple of weeks to get the pages written and posted.

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