Software Development

This may seem like an odd place to bring up software development but please bear with me. There really is a connection.

I started writing computer software in the mid-1970s, first as a hobby, then as a part-time consultant, then as a full-time professional. By the time I took an early retirement in 1997 I was thoroughly disgusted with the task and really wanted to be as far away from it as possible.

Eventually I relented a bit and decided to produce a piece of software to assist woodworkers in figuring out the complex compound cutting angles needed to produce polygons. This seemed to be a constant source of quesitions in woodworkers' discussion groups, the process is quite intimidating to the math-phobic, and published charts covered only a small set of combinations out of the near-infinite number that are possible.

This software is written in Delphi to run under Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP. To allow easier distribution of the software I offered it to Badger Pond, a now-defunct woodworker gathering place on the web, and they made it available for download. Since the beginning, Wayne, the operator of Badger Pond, was kind enough to allow me to use his server as a repository for files such as this. Thanks, Wayne! Click the screen image below to download your copy.

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