This is my web­site. If you have visited it before then most of the content will be fa­mil­iar al­though I have added a number of pages and up­da­ted many others and sim­pli­fied the look rad­ically but, most­ly, it is a dem­on­stra­tion of old wine in new bott­les.

The site star­ted in 1999 as noth­ing more than a way of shar­ing wood­work­ing projects and ideas but over the years much was added. In this latest iter­ation a number of these ex­tran­eous bits were shed. I hope that the new mater­ial I added will be of some inter­est or will, at least, not be too boring. No good can come from pushing the reader into a coma.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION ! I am slowly making progress with rewriting the site. Everything in the menu except for three two items are in final or near-final condition. Take a look and if you see anything wrong, please email me. Oh, and please forgive the sometimes-odd effects — I'm still exploring ways to do fun stuff without using javascript. AN ADMISSION: since I wrote the bit above I've managed to get ever further behind in site maintenance. I could present excuses about being occupied taking care of an ailing aged family member for a few years but laziness is more likely the real reason. Since my last travel postings I've made trips to Wales, England, Northern Ireland, and Scotland and I'm preparing for a 101-mile hike in England and a visit to London starting in a few days. I'll try to do better, I promise.

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