Driving On the Edge

Protracted Peripheral Peregrinations

A regular guy in an old sports car sets out on a quest to drive from Alaska and then around the edge of the United States and finishes six years later. Travelogue? Psychology lesson? Comedy? Horror story?

Walking On the Edge

The Northern Border of the Roman Empire

Some people never learn. Exchanging the sports car for hiking boots and a backpack the old guy sets out to follow the route of Hadrian's Wall across northern England.


Senseless Slaughter of Innocent Trees?

Why would someone who nearly failed shop class in school and had never built anything more complicated than a birdhouse suddenly think that he could design and build furniture and make "art" at the lathe?

Picture Gallery

Decades of Photographic Excess

OK. So you've been taking pictures for over 35 years and your most basic slideshow lasts for hours. If you want to lure some unsuspecting soul into looking at a few pictures you might try something like this...

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