Display Case

I decided to make this case to test out a decent construction method that could be applied quickly to projects like this. A couple of weeks ago I helped an acquaintance who just moved to the area build a quick display case so that she could put her turnings on sale at a local crafts mall. I was unhappy (to say the least) with the resulting case although she says she is happy with it. This case is exactly the same frontal size and an inch deeper than the first case. This was made out of meranti/luan that I salvaged from the bookcases demolished during the kitchen remodel. The case is joined by half-blind dovetails with added top and bottom caps and a dadoed-in ⅛-inch luan plywood back. Flush across the back of the top and bottom are hard maple cleats with a beveled edge that will allow the case to be hung in either orientation by a similar cleat screwed to the wall. The cabinet's cleats are let into the sides, and both glued and screwed to help them hold any reasonable load that might be enclosed. The door is built with mortise-and-tenon joints, has double-strength glass in a rabbet, piano hinge, and three concealed high-intensity magnets from Lee Valley to keep it securely closed. Shelves rest on 5mm pegs arranged in a 32mm drill pattern. Size in inches: 36 X 18 X 6½. Finish at the moment is sprayed black lacquer.

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