Red Oak Blanket Box

This box was made as a Christmas gift for my mother in Pennsylvania. I got it done a few days beforehand and hauled it north on my holiday visit. There is nothing special about this except that it will probably be the last one I'll make of oak. I find this material to be miserable stuff to work with and I invariably wind up with numerous splinters in my hands when working with it.

This box is a bit smaller than what I consider "normal" for one of these. This was necessary to fit it into a small bedroom. All visible wood is local plainsawn red oak with a tongue-and-groove bottom of aromatic cedar. The bottom was left loose with minute strips of weatherstrip inside the joints to act as "springs", thus keeping the bottom expanded to fill the space with humidity changes. Carcase and base joinery is with through-dovetails and the bottom rests on battens and is held down with applied quarter-round oak molding. Finish is satin polyurethane over natural oak. Size in inches: 35 X 16 X 24.

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