Oak Television Stand

Some time ago my elderly mother decided that it was time to sell her home and move into a highrise apartment catering mostly to those of similar age. This meant getting rid of much furniture including the stand that came with her old tube-type television. That set was long gone, replaced with a medium-sized flatscreen, but the huge heavy black stand remained and really didn't work in the small living room in the apartment. I stepped in and volunteered to make something more suitable.

The construction here is straightforward and represents a departure in method compared to anything I'd done before. The wood is obviously oak, white I think, and is finished in water-based poly over some sort of stain which I happened to have in the cabinet. The novelty comes in the use of Kreg screws. The three horizontal pieces are identical and notched to accept the legs. The top and bottom are fixed to the legs by the aforementioned Kreg screws while the middle shelf is supported by ⅛-inch brass pins fitted into holes making it adjustable. Very simple overall and quick-to-make because of special simple screws.

Overall size is 27 X 12 X 31½

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