Biography: Alaska Years

HERE FISHY FISHY FISH The next part of this biographic attempt will pick up where the USAF left off and where I stumbled into a job with the Alaska State Court System. And since everyone assumes that everyone in Alaska is a serious outdoors-type (not true, but there is no way to change the perception) here is a picture of the last fish I caught in Alaska. And believe it or not, this is not a seriously big fish, weighing only 182 pounds. The bragging-class weight for halibut seems to be 300 pounds and over.

Just for fun, mouse over the fish above to see my first trout. I was perhaps ten or eleven years old then and was just as proud of that one as I was of the halibut. The trout was far easier to clean and cook.

This section is barely under construction at the moment and is really just a place filler.

You can still mouse over the fish, though.

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