Quartersawn Sycamore Blanket Chest

This project marks my first use of quartersawn sycamore which is also known as lacewood for its impressive grain structure. It is a very bold wood and will tend to dominate any design it is used in. In this case it was matched with a very traditional-looking Shaker design. Since the finish is clear in this example the dovetailed corners stand out nicely. The chest features aromatic cedar bottoms in the upper section and in the single drawer. One major deviation from any historic chest is the use of a continuous piano hinge to attach the lid. I am not sure if this is good or bad but it is different. All visible wood is local quartersawn sycamore with the exception of cherry pulls which I turned for the drawer. The finish is boiled linseed oil and padded-on garnet shellac. Size in inches: 37 X 17 X 27

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